We find them in junk stores, rummage sales, basements, attics, garages, and barns. Sometimes even on the side of the road or in the garbage. Abandoned objects that are no longer wanted or needed.

Regardless of how insignificant or strange they may be, these artifacts were made, acquired, and used by people. And all of these people have stories.

At Occulta Thesauri, we rescue interesting (and sometimes bizarre!) objects, research their histories, and write their stories. Those stories, even more so than the objects themselves, are the occulta thesauri – the hidden treasures – that we share.

We do not represent ourselves as experts in any field other than finding cool things. All information contained herein is the product of independent research. Despite our best due diligence, we cannot guarantee the authenticity of the objects we write about. However, we do triple check facts in a steadfast commitment to telling accurate and fact-based stories.