Submission Guidelines

Submitting a Story to Occulta Thesauri
Thank you for your interest in writing for Occulta Thesauri. Please review our guidelines thoroughly before submitting a draft—and take a few minutes to read the featured stories to get a feeling for the tone, subject matter, and style we prefer.

By submitting your work, you affirm that you are the sole author, and maintain all rights for your work. If your work is accepted for publication, Occulta Thesauri retains an exclusive use of Electronic Rights (the right to publish and reproduce your material online) for 12 months starting from the date your work first appears on Occulta Thesauri. Occulta Thesauri also retains Electronic Archival Rights (your work will remain stored in electronic form for public inspection in perpetuity), and the non-exclusive right to reprint the piece once in print or electronic format, should we produce a print or electronic anthology in the future. We retain the right to re-size the images selected to fit design format.

You will retain copyright and the right to be acknowledged as the moral author or artist of your work. During the first 12 months your work appears on Occulta Thesauri, this original work may not appear in another publication, either electronic or print, except when identified as part of Occulta Thesauri and with permission from Occulta Thesauri. As a courtesy we ask that authors acknowledge their publication in Occulta Thesauri in subsequent publication. We do not accept simultaneous submissions or work that has previously been published.

By submitting material to Occulta Thesauri you affirm that you have read and agree to all of our submission guidelines. Guidelines and rights are subject to change without notice. Have questions? Feel free to message us on Facebook, contact us via the webforms, or email us at

After reviewing the guidelines, to submit a story, email a word doc and other required attachments (see below) to Only word docs and JPEGS will be opened. Please do not attach files in other formats. Include the words “Occulta Thesauari Submission” and your last name in the subject line of the email. Please also include a brief, three-sentence bio in the body of your email.

Grammar and Spelling
Our editorial team copyedits each story for grammar, spelling, formatting, style, and more. The process is expedited when authors proofread and apply proper grammar and spelling to story drafts. As a general rule, Occulta Thesauri follows Chicago Style. For more style details, please contact us directly.

Accuracy and Fact Checking
Although we do not represent ourselves as experts in any field other than finding cool things, all information presented on Occulta Thesauri should be the product of independent, triple-checked research. Even though we cannot guarantee the authenticity of the objects we write about, all writers should triple check facts in a steadfast commitment to telling accurate and fact-based stories. Editors will spot check research and verify key facts in each story.

Word Count
Word count can vary from 800 – 1500 words, not including image captions.

Formatting and Style
Please submit stories as single spaced word docs that include text only. Do not insert images into the word doc. Please do not indent paragraphs.